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5 Tips for designing the bathroom vanity

Designing your bathroom vanity can be quite tricky. Even if you’re not a professional interior designer, following the basic tips for designing the bathroom vanity can be extremely beneficial. 

Given below are some tips that will help you design the perfect vanity. Make sure to follow these to make your bathroom vanity appear the best:

Be familiar with the bathroom layout

It is extremely crucial that you’re familiar with the bathroom layout. Your bathroom layout will have a huge role in determining which vanity you should be going for. Depending on the bathroom layout, there are different designs that you can choose such as L-shaped and U-shaped. 

Depending on the layout, the vanity can just wrap around or run parallel. If you have a walk-through bathroom, make sure to choose the right vanity design. The vanity cabinets will easily fit into the space thereby helping you make the right choice. 

Know the door style

One of the most important factors to consider while designing the vanity is the door. Your cabinet door will lay the foundation of the bathroom. The style and colour will have a huge impact on it. 

You should opt for a more raised panel to get the impact. Apart from that, you can also choose the right colour so that you can make the right choice. There are different designs that you can choose from. 

Know how many sinks the bathroom vanity needs

Whenever you’re designing the bathroom vanity, you need to know how many sinks it will need. The number of sinks in the bathroom will play an important role in determining the vanity cabinets. During this process, the size of your bathroom will matter as well.

You don’t need to choose too big a vanity. It is advisable that you check out the ADP vanities at Wellsons and choose one that meets your requirements the most. Being familiar with the style and number of sinks that you need can play an important role in the long run. 

Focus on the countertop

Not much stress is laid upon how important the countertop is. When you are designing the vanity, you will need to consider the cost, the colour, material type and so much more. Since your vanity is going to be in contact with moisture, it is advisable that you choose softer and porous material. 

Granite is one of the most popular materials when it comes to countertops. Apart from that, you can also opt for man-made quartz countertops to enhance the impact. You should choose the material carefully so that it is not prone to water damage. 

Determine your sink type

Your sink type will have a huge role to play. Once you figure out all the elements, you need to lay focus on basic details. Bathroom sinks are available in different designs and these vary depending on the sink type. You can choose from a variety such as granite, laminate and more. 

The right choice of basic factors will play an important role in enhancing the appearance of the space. It is advisable that you go for the vanities that are durable and have longevity. Furthermore, you must choose the right designs so that it can complement the interiors of your house.