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Common Residential Designs For Your Home

There are many popular residential designs that you can use for your home. These include Cape Cod houses, Ranch-style homes, and Townhouses. Each of these styles has distinct advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about these standard designs, keep reading! You may even find the perfect design for you with the help of ECO Minded Solutions! Here are some of the most popular ones to consider. Below are some of the most popular methods you can use for your home. This will give you an idea of the kinds of features to look for in a home.


A townhouse is a type of individually owned dwelling that shares at least one wall with another place and has its front entrance. These dwellings are most popular in large urban areas. They maximize vertical space by sitting next to other homes and conserve horizontal space by having a common entrance. In addition, some towns offer shared amenities for townhouse residents. The style of a townhouse can vary depending on its purpose, neighborhood, and size.

Ranch-Style Houses

There are many similarities between ranch-style houses and Spanish Colonial architecture. Both share an open floor plan and a central courtyard built on a tract of land. However, there are also differences. While ranch houses are often simple, Spanish Colonial homes are typically more ornate. They are also built on a concrete slab. Ranch-style houses are not the only homes with this architectural style. They can also be found in other types, such as the Craftsman style.

A ranch-style house can accommodate gablets and dovecotes. They also typically have a shallow-pitch roof and do not have dormer windows. A ranch-style place is rarely two stories high but can be split-level. A split-level home is famous for flat-top lots and can be built on a slab or basement. Moreover, the front of a ranch-style house is often open, but it is essential to preserve the flat roof.

Colonial Revival Homes

Throughout the 20th century, Colonial Revival homes have become very popular. This design style makes up most of the housing stock across the United States. Despite the lack of historical references, this design remains popular despite being considered one of the most outdated modern architectural styles. And don’t worry; you can still find Colonial Revival homes in your neighborhood.

The Colonial Revival style of the house was first introduced around 1876 and derived from the homes built in the eastern United States a century earlier. This style was the most popular of the historic revival house designs in the United States during World Wars. A typical Colonial Revival home is typically two stories with a ridge pole parallel to the street. It features an ornate front door with evenly spaced windows on either side. This style of the house includes sidelights, transom, and elaborate woodwork.

Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cod homes are symmetrical two-story structures with a central hallway. The ground floor of a Cape Cod home consists of four significant rooms: the living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room. There is also usually an extra room in the rear of the house that is often used as a family room, an office, or a bedroom. The second floor typically includes two to four bedrooms and one or two bathrooms.

Interior decor reflects the coastal atmosphere of Cape Cod homes. Colors are natural tones, and woven or embroidered fabrics are ideal for furniture covers. Use nautical, geometric, or floral patterns in your interior decor to accentuate the Cape Cod style. You can also try mixing modern techniques with Cape Cod style. There are many possibilities, and you can find one that matches your tastes and budget. This style is a great way to bring a coastal feel into your home without compromising its traditional charm.