Home Improvement


When it comes to color everyone wants to have color included of their choice to make it seem a part of them as well. some people like their houses simple and one to two-toned with the furniture following suit. Whereas some people wish to have a house filled with colors like a rainbow such a house is preferred by the children and adds color and love to the society.

Some people may disagree with my above statement but creative people are indeed more fun to be with. Coming back to our topic on colors how many colors should one consider being just right without overdoing it. This is what I will tell you in this article.

Let me start with the rule of thumb, before choosing any color to decide on three tones that you will have included in your home and the custom sofa you plan to have made. These tomes would be primary, secondary and the third one we will call the bold tone.

The first one is the primary tone of color. Make sure that this tone is found mostly in the room. Such as on the walls or the most basic furniture has this tone. You can go with something that resembles the earth such as a light earthy tone or you can choose the dark tones too. Make sure that it stays the base tine which means use it as the background color. This will also be the color to your custom sofa basic tone or underneath hue matching with the room. The primary tone-setter can be the wooden pieces around the house which means you can select the legs of the sofa to be the same color.

Next on our list is the secondary tone. This tone should be different from the tone of the one you previously selected. Make it so that is about 30 percent of the room and the custom sofa. Inclusion is necessary to make it belong. This color can be dark, light, or in the pastel range it is your sofa, and the choice belongs to you. You can use this tone for the curtains or the sofa pillows and cushions as a means of contrast. To make it look different you can have engravings, thread works, or choose fabrics with patterns on them to give a nice touch.

The last major tone is the bold tone of your project. This also should be different from the previously selected tones. It is all about the contrast. It is also necessary that the tone does not look out of place or something that is forced onto the room and your custom sofa set.

If you cannot decide on the type of bold tone, you should go with then you should go back in the room and see which tones and colors have already been chosen and those which remain. You might find some colors hidden in different accessories and books or other side things that might have been overlooked which you can use as your bold color.