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How To Use The Glue Trap To Catch Mice At Your Home

The rodent can become a big nuisance at your house. And, if you are the person who is afraid of mice then things become complicated when you try to catch this problem creating mice. Therefore, rat glue trap is the best pest control product for you. 

Firstly, you do not need to go on a hunt yourself to catch the mouse, which saves you from a lot of trouble if you have fear of mice and rats. Moreover, rodents have are fast, agile, and smart, catching them with bare hands is not the cup of your tea.

The rat glue traps offer an effective way of catching the mice. The mouse falls into the trap and gets stuck on these boards. Later, you can throw the mouse out of your house. Moreover, glue traps are not poisonous, if have kids in our house, you can be assured of their safety.

So, if you have not checked out rat glue traps, yet. It is the right time to go to pest control wholesale and buy a few boards to see the results through your own eyes. 

Here is the guide that you can use for effectively using the rat glues traps for catching the rat at your home.

Follow The Rat Habits

Rats are smart creatures, usually, they are living around human civilization for quite a long time now. They are well adapted for sneaking into our house, kitchen, and refrigerator. However, you can use the loopholes in rat behavior patterns to your advantage. 

Try to find the path that rats usually use to roam or sneak into your house, and place the boards exactly on their path. You can even use more than one trap to gain trap more rats. Therefore, buying rat glue boards from pest control wholesale will be a good idea as you get good combo deals on rat traps. 

Read The Proper Instruction For Using A Glue Trap

Using the rattraps is very easy. However, if you are new, you might make a few mistakes. So, let us guide you on the right path.

Simply open the package of the rat trap. You will boards covered with protective paper, remove it gently. Now see the grip or place where you can hold and open the board. Open the boards safely. Then gently slide the board at the places you think have a higher chance of catching rats. 

Place The Rattraps In Hot Areas

The reason we ask you to buy more than one board from pest control wholesale is you need to use these boards strategically. Just placing a board anywhere will not do any good. We need to catch every mouse at your home. Therefore, you need to be smart and place these boards at the hot areas where the rat roams usually. Common hot areas at your home are- below the cupboards, kitchen, below sink, refrigerator, etc. 

Don’t worry about the price you pay for buying rat boards. The rat boards usually are cheap, and buying more than one does not exceed the cost of using other pest control products. Moreover, you can try online pest control wholesale shop that offers great deals and offer on every product.