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How Wool Underlay Can Improve Your Skin And Health

Wool underlay is a great way to improve your skin and health. Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries in clothing, blankets, and bedding. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and dust-mite resistant.

Wool Can Improve Your Skin

Wool is breathable and absorbs moisture well, which makes it great for regulating temperature. If you experience hot flashes or night sweats from menopause or other conditions, wool underlay may help regulate your body temperature.

Underlay Is Better For Your Health

Many people are concerned about bed bugs because they can carry diseases. Wool underlay helps prevent this, too. The wool fibers are tightly packed together, which makes it harder for bugs to get inside the mattress or box spring and lay eggs there. This helps keep bugs out of your home, so they don’t bite you while you sleep or even while you’re awake!

Wool Can Help With Allergies 

If you suffer from allergies, the wool may be just what you need to help alleviate symptoms. The anti-microbial properties found in wool make it ideal for allergy sufferers because it inhibits mold, dust mites, and other irritants from causing problems for allergy sufferers. Wool also absorbs moisture from the air, which helps reduce pollen growth on the surface of the fabric where it would otherwise collect and cause irritation. Some people even claim that wearing wool socks around their faces helps clear up congestion caused by allergies!

Wool Reduces Stress And Anxiety

The University of Sheffield found that wearing wool next to the skin can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. This is because wool has been shown to create a calming effect on the body by releasing negative ions – charged particles that have been linked with many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, boosting mood, and reducing anxiety.

Wool Underlay Prevents Bed Sores

Wool protects your mattress from moisture and bacteria. Bacteria and moisture can cause skin ulcers, also known as bed sores. These are wounds that develop in places where the body rests for long periods of time, such as beds or wheelchairs. These wounds are painful and difficult to heal. They can also become infected and spread disease to other areas of the body.

Improves Respiratory Health And Asthma Symptoms

Wool Underlay has antibacterial properties which can help to prevent dust mite allergy and asthma problems. Dust mites are tiny insects that live in cracks and crevices in the floorboards of your home, feeding on the skin flakes you shed every day. They thrive in warm, humid environments such as under your bedding or mattress, where they can multiply quickly and cause allergic reactions in some people. Underlay helps to prevent dust mites from breeding by reducing humidity under your bedding, whilst still keeping you warm at night.

Wool Underlay Reduces Snoring

Snoring is caused by vibrations in the airway and throat. The vibration occurs when the airway and throat are relaxed as we sleep. This is why snoring occurs more often and is louder during sleep. When you sleep on a wool bed underlay, it helps to keep your body straight and aligned, which prevents any unnecessary movement of the throat and airways. This means that there is less vibration occurring during sleep, leading to quieter nights for you and those around you!

Wool Improves Sleep

Many people experience poor sleep due to a variety of reasons. Some people have medical conditions that keep them up at night, while others have trouble sleeping because they live in noisy environments or have partners who snore loudly throughout the night. Wool underlay helps improve sleep quality by reducing aches and pains caused by pressure points on the body during sleep, which allows you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

 Keeps You Warm In The Winter, Cool In The Summer

Wool is perfect for year-round use. It insulates well in both hot and cold climates, so it will keep you warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside. Wool Underlay is also breathable, meaning it allows air to pass through the material. This means that your body temperature can be regulated more easily than with synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyester.

Wool Underlay Can Improve Your Quality Of Life!

Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and resistant to dust mites, molds, and mildew. The unique construction of wool fibers allows them to trap air which creates an insulating effect. This prevents heat from escaping from the underlay providing a warm bed throughout the night.


Wool is an amazing product that has many benefits, especially for the skin and health. So if you’re looking to add something new to your life or are in need of a new product that can change it for the better, wool is just what you may be looking for. There’s no reason to continue living with cold feet. Add wool underlay to your life today, and start benefitting from its many health-related properties.


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