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Keep Up with These 2022 Home Décor Trends

What you call ‘Modern’ has become an umbrella term for many intriguing new designs and techniques. Until 2021, designers were looking for home décor items that were the most minimal. Almost no color, beige, black, and grey prints kept repeating themselves in most modern and minimal interior designs. While 2022 has yet to witness more change, texture and patterns are making their way back into home décor styles.

Color is also becoming a part of the 2022 home décor extravaganza! You will find colored pop-ups here and there in living rooms and study corners in modern home décor or two. 

Check out Chrissy Teigen’s house here to take some inspiration for a modern home interior design.

Ideas for home décor 2022 are as follows:

All Eyes on Those Curtains!

2022 is all about letting there be light! While French doors and windows are some of the most popular features of 2022 home décor, they are embellished with exquisite curtains for an added appeal. Usually cascading from the ceiling, modern curtains give the room an airy and spacious touch. They make rooms look larger and brighter. 

Popular curtain types include:

White Flowy Curtains: They almost fall out of the fore-ceiling making your windows look like a mini-performance stage. 

Green Statement Curtains: Who doesn’t love some drama? Green drapes paired with woody interiors are a treat for your eyes.

Sheer Curtains: White again, sheer curtains grace modern living rooms and are the perfect material to let light pass through its fine interstices. 

Grey Drapes: Long and flowy, grey drapes are for modern homes wedded to neutral shades and dense textures. 

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sheer curtains

The Rage for Symmetrical Patterns

Our order-loving brain loves symmetry! Architect Guildford Bell was known to infuse symmetry in smaller and larger rooms both. His ideas for attaining symmetry in smaller rooms are as authentic as ever. Symmetry in smaller rooms makes them look neater, if not bigger. Symmetry also helps our brain make sense of our surroundings better.

No wonder modern interior décor focused more on symmetrical home décor. Decoration centerpieces, vintage symmetrical art, and symmetrical seating arrangement retain the fine balance in modern homes. Ever come across mirrors hung over mantles in several modern homes? That’s precise to mark the room’s center.

Custom standoff mirrors, wall mirrors, and floating mirrors are often used to restore a sense of direction in rooms to add a touch of symmetry. 

The Curvier, the Better

You heard it right! Curvy furniture is becoming more and more popular with each passing day! The inspiration for the quirk comes from old-school arch curves and round walls. Both complement curvy furniture. The trend has a particular influence on seating furniture. There is an emphasis on comfy seating and a curvy texture. 

Designers like Alexey Danilin have introduced textured curvier furniture for modern home spaces. Try out some curved sofa designs for your homes. 

a modern room


Modern home décor is familiar with glassware precisely because it complements the modern interior’s most loved color: white. Glassware goes with all interior options, whether it’s a marble kitchen or a granite minimalistic living room. The trend recurs in numerous modern style guides, from minimal showpieces to transparent glass vases.

For a neater effect for smaller spaces like your bathroom, go with glass doors. Framed glass doors are known to enhance spaces and limit your bathing exposure. You can even have a staircase made with stair rail glass.

use of glassware in modern homes

The Global Impression

The world today takes a keen interest in designs popular in other cultures and traditions. Thanks to social media, viral culture trends don’t take much time to spread. A touch of prints and texture popular in other cultures has made a prominent place in interior design. The Bamboo-inspired décor and the Buddha decorative pieces are some visible examples of global imprints making it to modern interior design.

A Fine Touch of Retro

A perfect blend of traditional and modern interior designs is rapidly becoming prominent in interior design. The trend is marked by aspects of traditional home décor like the use of hardwood and elaborate embedded in modern frames. 

Such is the dynamic of modern interior home décor that you can have the most minimal home décor accompanied by a traditional armchair resting in the corner. 

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