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Your home air conditioner plays a vital role in heating and cooling your home efficiently to improve your family’s quality of life. An efficient air conditioner also keeps your energy bills low while providing the best service you need. But like any other machine, it is prone to damage, and regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in top condition.

So what steps do you take when your AC is not working efficiently? The first step is to seek an AC repair company to perform the repairs and maintenance. Discover the questions to ask your prospective San Antonio AC repair company to ensure you pick the right one.

What range of services do you provide?

Different AC repair companies specialize in various AC services. While some focus on repair and maintenance issues, others focus on new AC installation services. Other companies provide additional services such as duct cleaning, air conditioner inspections, refrigeration, air quality inspections, etc. Ideally, you need a company specializing in a wide range of AC repair services to get an all-in-one package and achieve quality indoor air.

What qualifications do your technicians have?

You don’t want people without the proper training and skills to handle your HVAC system, and that is why you ought to inquire about the certification of the technicians that will take your air conditioner repair. Having a formal certification in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can assure that the technicians will provide quality services.

How long have you been in the AC repair industry?

Training and skills are essential, but experience matters most when it comes to air conditioner repairs. An organization that has been in the industry for many years gives you confidence knowing that they have encountered a problem similar to yours, so they can keep up with the repairs. Most importantly, ensure that the technicians are well seasoned in handling HVAC repairs and maintenance.

Do you have reviews or references?

A reliable air conditioner repair company will be more than willing to suggest references to ascertain the kind of services they offer. Thankfully, many AC repair companies have an online presence where you can access customer reviews and see what other clients think about the company. It also allows you to know how they handle customer complaints. Look for reviews that highlight the company’s service quality and professionalism.

Are you insured?

Accidents can happen during your air conditioner repair or maintenance. Working with an insured company ensures you will not be liable for any damages during the repairs, whether deliberately or accidentally. Therefore the company you hire should also be insured in addition to being licensed.

Do you provide a maintenance program?

Look for an AC repair company that provides different maintenance programs to help you stay ahead of your AC inspection and maintenance. A company that offers flexible plans can help you identify a maintenance program that suits your needs. Ideally, you want an AC maintenance program that inspects your home’s AC at least twice a year.

The bottom line

A reliable AC repair company can save you more money by ensuring that your AC is energy efficient and reliable.