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Want to sell your house privately? Here is your ultimate guide

Selling your house privately may save you a lot, but it is a tough choice. Before deciding to do it fully private completely, it is essential to check if;

  • Is the market you are getting into a ready market?
  • Do you have someone that might be interested in your house?
  • Are you dealing with a problematic leasehold agreement for your house?
  • Do you have free time with you to oversee the marketing and sale?

If the answer to either of these questions is to sell your house privately. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully sell your house.

Decide how much your sale price is

An agent will assist you in setting your price according to the market but having used the money to renovate the house and make your house presentable, and therefore it is your right as the seller to set the price. While setting the price, you must do your research. You can do your research by checking on websites for houses that are on sale near you with the exact specifications as yourself.

prepare your house for a sale

You need to spruce up your house to be ready for a sale. Ensure that your house is tidied and might do some renovations like repainting your walls to increase the sale value of your house. Having your house spruced up will ensure that you have a quick sale.

Advertise your house 

Most people look for a house to buy when relocating and moving miles from where they live. This creates a big market for people that have put their house on sale, and therefore you must do some marketing on your house. Having to sell your house privately might mean that your immediate potential customers could be your neighbours. Having this in mind, you must look for ways to get the word out about your house that is on sale. You can design and distribute leaflets to the nearby supermarkets, higher up a nearby notice board or billboard.

Most people looking for houses in this era possibly do it online, so you can create an online ad or create a marketing post on your social media platforms. You can choose to work with an agent who will do the marketing and look for a buyer for you. Real estate agents assist in times that one feels like they will not get an answer to the question; ‘how can I sell my home quickly?’

Arrange for home viewings

Real estate agents assist in arranging fit house viewings. Selling your house privately will require you to arrange for the house listings. If you do not make any viewings, you will have to get the help of a real estate agent or ask for help from friends and family.

Be flexible with your pricing

One essential thing that you should be keen on is understanding how much you are willing to accept for your house. If you have set a price, you might be willing to be a little flexible if you get a potential buyer during the viewings.