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What Kind of Water Filter Is Best for My Family and Me?

Water is essential in our daily lives. It has varying purposes such as washing our hands, watering the plants, and cleaning our home, car, clothes, and dishes. Given that accessing water is difficult, we place value on it.

The Punta Gorda water treatment plant and the likes help us supply clean, safe, and quality water in residential areas through modern technologies. Scientific discoveries and innovations even enabled us to provide water treatment services, Punta Gorda, FL. Though cities and localities still fail to recognize and resolve concerns about toxins and sediments flowing together with accessible water. 

Given such circumstances, better buy water filters. There are different types sold in the market so learning each one’s quirks is a must to select the best that fits your loved ones’ needs for water.

Water Distillers

Water distillers evaporate water at very high temperatures to separate harmful chemicals and toxins from the water. The evaporation leads to the steam escaping through the hot side of the distiller. Such a process leaves chemicals with boiling points below the water and is heavy to get vaporized behind. Water distillation also kills harmful pathogens living in the water. If not killed, bacteria, viruses, and some microorganisms may make the water unsafe to drink.

However, this type of water filter is only effective against specific pathogens. It cannot provide complete protection from other pesky microorganisms present in the water. Besides, water distillers do not work well against lighter chemicals. Adding another filtration method may offer a higher level of water purity.

Carbon Block Filters

Carbon block filters use solid activated carbon blocks to remove unpleasant elements that may emanate from your home water supply. The standalone device or the install type can eradicate the odd taste, odors, and contaminants through the one micron-sized holes in the carbon block. Such likely characteristic makes it is difficult for most harmful chemicals and pathogens to escape.

Moreover, on average, the carbon block filter is less expensive than other kinds as it is small and the materials used to create it are easy to find.

Pitcher-Style Water Filters

Like the carbon block filter, pitcher-style water filters are cheaper than other types yet without benefits. It is portable and easy to use to rid chlorine in tap water. Specifically, it uses granulated charcoal to purify water and improve its taste.

On the other hand, pitcher-style filters cannot eliminate nor reduce toxic chemicals or toxic elements in the water—better avail other water filtration solutions like distillation and carbon block filtration as a remedy.

Refer to Henry Plumbing Service by visiting our website, setting an appointment via our contact page, or calling us at (941) 661-7398 from 8 am-6 pm every Monday to Friday to learn more about different water filters types and their advantages and disadvantages.

Get in touch with Henry Plumbing Services to know more about the other water filter types by visiting our website, setting an appointment via our contact page, or calling us at (941) 661-7398 from 8 am-6 pm every Monday to Friday for more information.