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Why is it Essential to Get Your Foundation Repaired Timely?

We refer to shelter being a basic need. Since eons we have been told roof is the most important part of your house as it protects you from natural elements. However, what we haven’t been told is although the roof is what protects us; the foundation is what keeps us safe. It lays down the base on which your house is built and supports the whole structure. It bears the weight, resists movement by providing anchor to the house, insulates, keeps moisture out, and prevents insect infiltration. 

Most of us believe once the foundation is built, there is no need to pay heed to it. No one wants to take up expenses until absolutely necessary. However, when it comes to foundation of your house, this thought might turn out to be disastrous. 

Here are 3 prominent reasons why it is absolutely essential to get your foundation inspected and repaired timely- 

1] Foundation doesn’t get fixed by itself 

The paint, roof, electrical appliances and several other segments of your house often don’t need immediate attention. Although they are quite important, the fate of your house doesn’t depend on them. Additionally; these aspects usually get impacted seasonally or very infrequently. For instance, some roof leakages last only through rains and often go off post the season. Foundation of your home, however, is continually being exposed to moisture. Since its defects are not superficially visible, they often go unnoticed.  It can’t be fixed by itself and a small flaw can escalate in no time. 

2] Foundation damage leads to other damages 

Just like a damaged root can kill the tree, a damaged foundation can bring down your house. The damage to foundation can spread to the other parts of the house and lead to cracking of walls, uneven flooring, ill-fitted doors and host of other damages. 

3] Time is money 

When it comes to foundation; time is money. If you push the small issues further; thinking it is an unnecessary expense; you are only inviting future financial strains. 

All of this is enough to justify why foundations need to be repaired timely. Since they are such a crucial part of the house, you need a reliable builder like Build Rex Construction to keep your foundation intact. Without a sound foundation; it will only be a matter of time before your house collapses so get it fixed while you can!