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5 Cheapest Places to Live in Berkshire

Berkshire is the home of many expensive places and no wonder, the Queen herself calls Windsor home which is located within the county. But for those who are looking for less expensive places to reside, Berkshire can accommodate you as well. What follows are the 5 cheapest places to live in Berkshire.


Located between Reading and Bracknell, Arborfield is a small community that does offer plenty of historic locations such as St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church and Arborfield Hall.

A home in Arborfield goes for about £365,171. It’s main attraction for new home buyers is its convenient location that makes it a good place to commute to larger communities. The location also makes up for any lack of shopping, restaurants, or pubs, although you have plenty of opportunities in those areas as well.


Bracknell is located just to the east of Reading and boasts a population of roughly 84,000. For many years it was known as a market village but grew tremendously in the middle of the 20th century. So big that it has absorbed other nearby villages.

A home in Bracknell costs roughly £343,398. Bracknell is a tale of two cities with the older areas offering plenty of historic significance while the ‘New Town’ which was established in 1949 providing more modern conveniences. Add to this good community, excellent shopping, and solid schools and you have a vibrant community in Bracknell. 

Reading Town Centre

Perhaps it is not surprising that the middle of the largest town also has one of the lowest prices for real estate. Reading Town Centre also includes the areas of Coley Park, Newton, and locations around the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

If you want to buy a home in Reading Town Centre, you can expect to pay an average of £318,311 for property in Reading. Because it is the commercial centre of the town, the commuting is unmatched, the shopping is solid, and the historic locations are quite something to see. Many of which are within walking distance.


Slough is located on the eastern edge of Berkshire and has over 164,000 residents. One of the most ethnically diverse communities in the UK, Slough also has a convenient location for those who need to commute into London and other major towns in the area.

If you want to purchase a home, that will cost an average of £341,891. In addition to the commuting, there are plenty of things to see and do within the area. This includes celebrated locations such as the Observatory House, Upton Court Park, and Ditton Park Manor.

West Reading

West Reading has no formal boundaries but is well recognized for its location and railway station which established the community around 1906.

Located on the western side of the most populous town in Berkshire, West Reading has an average home price of £305,563. The main attraction is the excellent commuting into the heart of Reading itself with the M4 running through part of the area. Add to that some good schools, shopping, and a vibrant community which makes this area well worth checking out.

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