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Breaking Myths Around Granite Countertops

Granite has always been rolling as a popular kitchen countertop choice. But there seems to be a few myths circulating around granite and its usage, which needs to be busted. If you believe them, you would be losing out on an amazing experience of using granite. We are here today to dispel the thoughts we had about granite and state the facts that are genuine about this stone.

Granite is expensive

This is a very subjective matter and depends on the type of granite you are using. Granite countertops are not priced that hugely and there is a wide price range available to choose from. The price is down due to the abundant supply of granite where there is a supply crunch for other stones. This is also cheaper due to its accessibility.

Granite is hard to maintain

Granite surfaces require sealing. But it does not mean that it is very hard to maintain. All you need is the right cleaner and one swipe of it is going to keep your countertop maintained and clean. You can also polish it very easily. But the frequency for polish depends on your choice. Polishing is indeed going to make the granite look better but there is no hard choice that it has to be a mandatory maintenance step.

Granite is unsafe for preparing food

Somebody at some point in time thought that granite had pores and this encouraged the bacteria to build in and around its surfaces. But this is completely wrong. To much relief of the granite users, there is no bacteria build-up as it occurs on other surfaces.

Granite is indestructible

Granite is very resistant to chemicals. Besides these, it does not get stained, scratched, or get affected by heat. It is one of the hardest countertop materials available and cannot be damaged easily. But it is always advisable to use granite with precautions to prevent unforeseen accidents happening with the stone.

Granite loses its shine

This statement is true for marble but not granite. Granite does not wear and tear from getting used regularly. If in case the stone does not appear shiny after repeated uses, you can always apply a coat of polish and see how well it sparkles. This is the only key to its maintenance.

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