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Most Common Bugs Found In Hotels

Close up a cockroach on white cupboard in the kitchen

If you own a hotel business, you must want to do everything to keep your guests happy and safe. Pests are not something you would want your guests to come in contact with while they are on vacation and check into your hotel. Pests frequently invade hotels since they provide the bugs with everything they need– access to food and shelter. 

For hotel owners and managers, it is important to recognize which pests are your threats and what you can do about them. One of such notorious critters is ants. Due to their tiny size, there are uncountable ways they can get in. This is why professional ant control services are a must for hospitality businesses. 

The most common bugs found in hotels 

  • Bed bugs

Bed bugs are mainly spread via human travel and are commonly found in hotel rooms. It is possible that this pest entered your hotel through your staff’s or visitors’ luggage. They can then spread throughout the entire hotel from one room. 

Travelers nowadays are very cautious when it comes to bed bugs. They look for reviews about hotels and then check the bed itself after arriving. A bed bug infestation in your hotel can drive away customers and seriously harm your brand and reputation.

  • Cockroaches

Hotel rooms with high levels of moisture and heat, such as kitchens and pool areas, are common places to find cockroaches. They are also present in break rooms, locker rooms, etc. Cockroaches emerge during the night in search of food and are attracted to decaying matter. These pests hide behind furniture and in cracks and crevices throughout the day.

These bugs get into hotels through luggage or tiny gaps and crevices in the building. A single cockroach can quickly reproduce over a short period of time, resulting in a pest infestation that causes serious health issues.

  • Rodents

There are rodents inside the building as well as outside. Check false ceilings and ground-level spaces for any signs of rodent activity or indications. Mice will prefer untouched, warm places free of disturbances. When possible, Norway rats will prefer a ground connection. 

Roof rats like spaces with ceilings and attics. Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as about 0.25 inches to get into a building. To keep mice and rats out of your property, seal the building and make sure all openings are smaller than the measurements.

  • Ants

Any time of year, ants can break into hotels and quickly destroy the food supply and infrastructure. Ants are among the most common hotel pests in the United States, with over 700 species. They can build nests very quickly. Therefore, destructive species like fire ants and carpenter ants can cause expensive property damage in a short period of time and can be difficult to eliminate.