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Sustainable Modern Decor for Eco Friendly Homes

Environmental concerns that hit our planet today need all of us to make every possible effort to contribute to make this world a better place to live in. Furniture and furnishings of your house need to be no different. The fantastic innovations and creativity in these areas have led to some great designs with sustainable materials. Here is a little guide telling you how you can create a beautiful and sustainable home with some lovely decor options.

Designer Rugs Made with Unconventional Materials

The rug industry today has flourished and expanded enormously. Thanks to the dynamism that this industry has shown over the years and the environmental awareness the makers have made good use of, the market is flooded with sustainable options in rugs today. Denim rugs, bamboo rugs, jute rugs, organic cotton rugs, there are endless material combinations that you get to see in rugs today. Whether you need designer rugs for living room, drawing room or the bedroom you are sure to find a material option and design that matches the usage and styling of the area. So, use this lovely piece of décor in abundance, as it is game changer for almost any area of the house but do so by making some wise eco-friendly choices.

Benches To Add Grace to Bedrooms

Having a sustainable yet plush look for bedrooms can be a little tricky. Try to bring in the charm of the old and elegant with wicker beds and combine this with a bench in front of the foot side for a well-finished look. Modern bedroom bench like The Dufex bench by The Rug Republic is the perfect amalgamation of modern and clean design with sustainable material usage. The bench is made from 100% recycled Eucalyptus wood and upholstered in a soft cotton chenille jacquard durry to create a well-crafted trendy decor piece that can fit beautifully in any modern decor setting.

Another place in the bedroom where a bench acts as a lovely functional as well as stylish seating is when it’s placed near the window. The natural light from the window and the glimpse of the outside world makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a good read or sip a lovely hot cup of coffee.

Ottomans and Poufs

Ottomans and poufs are two highly versatile furniture pieces that can be used in various rooms of the house. You can opt for a fully upholstered pouf in organic cotton for the kid’s room. The round ottoman pouf like the Palmas pouf by The Rug Republic that are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides this the small stools like the ‘Steimo’ also look very smart in the kid’s room and the living area. The stool makes use of jacquard rug and recycled timber and is a great choice for eco-friendly fashionable homes.

In case you are looking for bigger sized ottomans subtle yet statement-making pieces like ‘Spica’ by The Rug Republic are sure to win your heart. The use of natural hues in this recycled leather and hemp long stool is impeccable and makes this piece so versatile that it can be used in both modern as well as traditional décor settings.

These insights to home decor must have made you realize that decorating your house in a sustainable manner is not a very tough task. Sustainable decor is definitely a more rewarding and satisfactory way of dressing up your house in a stylish manner.