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5 Tips to Avoid Sketchy Removalist Companies

Hiring a professional removalist to do the actual legwork of moving was probably the best idea you had! As you sit back and swig a cold one, the removalist professionals will pack, load, unload, and move your belongings for you. Now most removalists can save you from experiencing a moving horror story, but shaking hands with the wrong movers will be nothing less than a nightmare! After all, you are entrusting your personal belongings, expensive appliances, priceless valuables and more to strangers! 

If this is your first time working with Removalists in Sydney, let us give you a rundown of the top 5 questions to consider when hiring them- 

Does Insurance Matter? 

BIG TIME!! Make sure your removalists are on-board with your insurance coverage. There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved in moving and to err is to human. Your removalists can accidently knock off an heirloom vase or chip off a glassware collection during the move. Getting your stuff insured by your removalists may add a few bucks to the package but it can save you a whole lot of damage bills in the long run. To top that off, you should also check whether your removalists have a proper certificate of currency of goods in transit and public liability policies. Consider this a simple credibility check before you shake hands. 

Did You Review the Reviews?

You get to know a lot about a particular company from the reviews other customers have left behind. In fact, consider this step 1 when you’re looking to hire Removalists in Sydney. You can visit a lot of public forums for reviews and recommendations. Personally, we say don’t settle for anything lesser than a 4 or 5 star rating. 

Are they AFRA approved? 

AFRA aka The Australian Furniture Removals Association is a governing body that removalist companies pay to get their businesses accredited. This accreditation involves trainings, dispute resolutions, insurance nitty gritty and more. Now it is not mandatory for a removalist company to get the AFRA accreditation. However, this does promise safety and credibility if you’re hiring someone without proper recommendation or review. 

How’s Your Inventory List Coming Along?

This is just a tip to make sure your priceless valuables stay within your know. Before the removalists show up, make sure you create an inventory checklist for you and the removalists too. Take photos, videos, or whatever feels necessary to keep count on your moving items. This’ll make your job post-moving easy and can even help your removalist keep a track on the items.

Did you Check for Hidden Charges? 

99% of the time, Removalists from Blacktown, Sydney, and more will give you a complete suite of services with a proper price breakdown so that you are in the know. However, if the removalists chosen by you refuses to give you a breakdown of the prices and services included in the package, consider this a red flag and move along.

Ready to get your shifting on? Now that you have your list of Dos and Don’ts, get searching and have a safe, effortless moving experience!