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What Are CFA Piling And Its Advantages?

The Continous Flight Auger (CFA) method is one of the most effectively used pilings near buildings and sensitive areas. The CFA method is an in-situ method of piling that creates foundations. The piles can be installed quickly near the site and are cost-effective without extensive excavation or bentonite. The CFA piles are suitable to use for walls as well as near banks. The CFA piles are constructed by rotating a hollow rod utilizing a drill to create an extended depth inside the soil. In CFA Piling, concrete or any substance can be sent through the hollow tube by maintaining stable pressure and filling the soil cavity.

While pushing the concrete in the ground, the pressure and flow rate should be maintained statically, which will protect it from collapsing or avoid holes formation in the concrete? A reinforced cage is positioned through the concrete after the pile is concreted to the ground. To overcome any unexpected dangerous situations from the site, one should contact an experienced team of trained engineers and piling contractors that will work proficiently.

The concrete pressure inside the ground can be measured by computers and other machines depending on the depth and radius of land. The automated procedure will monitor the method and other parameters like rotation speed and penetration rate. The piling procedure can be done for any land, irrespective of the soil type. One of the significant advantages of using the CFA is using it for various soil types. In other methods like open bore piling, which is not feasible as the wall is more prone to breakage after removing the drill, and the concrete may collapse in such a situation.

This challenge can be easily solved by using CFA by removing soil simultaneously, as pouring concrete will not allow the ground to collapse. The CFA process is safe for sensitive environment spaces because of having low vibrations. The piling contractors and engineers decide the number of drills used depending on the ground area for small ground spaces; only one exercise will act helpful for it.

Advantages OfPiling

The CFA Pile process is a safe procedure without damaging and disturbing the nearby buildings and is appropriate for environmentally sensitive places. Here are some of the benefits of the CFA pile process.

  • Cost-effective foundation building solution.
  • Minimal damage and casing required.
  • Appropriate for any soil type.
  • Piling can be done up to 32m.
  • Minimal noise production with zero vibration.

The installation process of the CFA piling is comparatively more accessible than any other method. The procedure creates very few sounds and vibrations, making it safe for sensitive populations and animals. Using a single auger with less space will also be safe for the ground, as it will not collapse. Piling rigs can function in places with less headroom, and the area is also confined. This method is also suitable for extreme ground conditions and varied soil types. It holds high load-bearing capacity and also moment capacities.