What equipment is used in industrial refrigeration?

Refrigeration is basically storing food items in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. This is a method that helps the food stay fresh and it can be consumed after some time as well. If you do not refrigerate a food item, it has to be consumed then and there, or else it will be wasted. Refrigeration is something that helps reduce the wastage of food items. Industrial refrigeration is the same but it is not used only in the food industry but also chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic manufacturing also.

It works differently for all these categories. Industrial refrigeration is different from normal refrigeration in a lot of ways. The main difference is the temperature. For industrial refrigeration, the temperatures are very low and can go from minus ten degrees to minus fifty degrees. This is why this refrigeration consumes a lot of energy.

Equipment used for industrial refrigeration

There are different types of equipment that can be used. It depends on the quantity, type and the purpose of refrigeration. But there are a few that are used in a large number of industries. These are evaporative condenser, remote condenser and condensing units which have condenser, ventilating motor and compressor as well.

For different types of methods, different equipment are used but the major accessories are as follows:

  • Compressor: When the refrigerant is in its gaseous state, that is when the compressor plays its part and controls the temperature. This is one of the major equipment that is used in the process of refrigeration. There are different types of compressors and these can be used according to the item and the load on the refrigerator.
  • Condenser: Once the compressor has done its job, the refrigerant which is in the gaseous form goes on to the condenser and condenser lowers the temperature and converts it into liquid. There are certain condensing units as well that are used in some industries. A condensing unit is an equipment that contains a condenser, ventilating motor and a compressor.
  • Expansion system: Now the liquid refrigerant is turned into smaller liquid particles. These particles absorb the heat and then evaporate. This is what an expansion system is. Expansion system is made up of valves. The main function of this is to control the flow of liquid that enters inside and reheating the output constantly.
  • ‚óŹ       Evaporator: As the name suggests, the work of the evaporation system is to absorb the heat by evaporating the refrigerant liquid.

Industrial refrigeration uses different techniques and different equipment are used on the basis of the industry and the type of item being stored. Techniques can differ but equipment is majorly the same in all types of industries.

The process of refrigeration is also the same for every type of industry. Different types of freezers are used for different industries as one type of freezer cannot be used to freeze all types of items. And how time consuming the process of refrigeration is also depends on the type of item being stored.