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What Makes Ceramic Tiles Better than Many Other Options For Home Interiors?

Choosing ceramic tiles to renovate the interiors of a kitchen or bathroom is much more fascinating than one usually thinks it is. The choice in ceramics is breathtakingly amazing when purchased from elite sellers and manufacturers such as Céramique au Sommet in Montréal and Laval. In this guide, we will not only take you through the fascinating range of latest ceramic tiles that you can use to renovate your house but also the many reasons that ceramic tiles are so widely preferred. So, let’s get started!

Why Are Ceramic Tiles So Preferred Over Many Other Options?

Whether it’s real wood or natural stones such as marble, even concrete as of that matter, they all have a distinctive charm of their own. Yet, they have certain weaknesses too. For instance, real wood is very much prone to rotting due to moisture if not maintained properly and marble isn’t extremely strong.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles can be made to resemble the exact look and texture of real wood and real stone minus the negatives of these materials. Hence, ceramic tiles are better options for common people who do not have the budget to spend a fortune in the maintenance of the flooring and walls again and again as is the case with wood and real stone. Other than being affordable, there are many noteworthy benefits of using ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Have a look!

  1. Ceramic tiles resist water, moisture, and germs. Hence, they are ideal for wet rooms.
  2. Ceramic tiles are extremely strong and impact-resistant.
  3. Neither their maintenance nor cleaning is expensive because ceramic surfaces are practically stain-resistant. A neat moist cloth is enough to clean these tiles.
  4. Ceramic tiles can be customized in literally any color or shape you want since these tiles are engineered.

The Many Stunning Ceramic Tile Options that You Can Explore

Ceramic can be made into many colors, shapes, textures, patterns, designs, and grouts. Some of the hottest options that you can find at premium sellers such as Céramique au Sommet at extremely competitive rates include the following:

  1. Concrete imitation tiles such as absolute cement, horizon grey, horizon Pearl, Evoque Grigio, Veinte Blanco, Busker Grey, and Victoria Ivory.
  2. Patterned Ceramic tiles such as Caprice Deco, La Chic, Ortigia red and pink, Rhombus, and Harmony.
  3. Metro ceramic tiles such as Evolution, Subway, Bright, Menorca, Linea, and Fralementi.

The many other options you can choose from include wood imitation tiles, retro tiles, and marble imitation tiles. Do get in touch with the experts at manufacturers such as Ceramique au Sommet for more details.

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