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Tips to Renovate Small Kitchens With Ceramic Wall Tiles

Getting a kitchen to look trendy isn’t easy. You need more than just money to do so. What you need is a vision. You’re the king of your house. And your personality should be your house’s personality too. Besides, you don’t have to have a fortune to beautify your kitchen even if it’s small. There’s nothing better than installing tiles on the kitchen’s walls to breathe life into your vision and make it real.

In this guide, we will be specifically focussing on how to use ceramic wall tiles smartly for small kitchens. Let’s begin!

Innovative Tips on Using Wall Tiles for Small Kitchens

Sometimes, size isn’t the issue nor functionality is. Yet, the kitchen looks obsolete. A hint of smart tricks listed below will help you design the kitchen of your dreams at extremely affordable rates.

  • Use Bigger Tiles not Small Ones

When the space is limited, using bigger tiles instead of small ones to create a brilliant backsplash makes all the difference. Not only do bigger tiles such as the subway tiles at Club Ceramic create the illusion of a bigger place, but it also adds a feeling of serene calm.

  • Use Bright Tiles for Wall and Floor

Dark tiles aren’t the right choices for a small kitchen. What you require is a bright tile that can reflect light instead of absorbing it all.

What works even more magically is if you can install the same tiles that you used on the walls to the floor as well. Placing them diagonally will create an illusion of a bigger space.

  • Stick to the Basics

The entire idea is to make the kitchen modern while making sure it doesn’t look tacky. A slight color mismatch can endanger the entire idea. Yes, the kind of variety you’ll find at manufactures such as Club Ceramics will certainly tempt you, but sticking with lighter subtle colors is going to be the best option.

Here’s one pro tip: Cover the entire wall behind the stove from bottom to top with tiles. It will make the entire kitchen pop out with a blast of uniqueness that’ll steal all the focus.

  • Choose Colors that Complement Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing colors that do not blend will make things messy. Hence, the wall tiles that you choose should seamlessly blend with the color of the cabinets that you have.

These are some of the best d├ęcor ideas for small kitchens. You can also go through some brilliant reads on Club Ceramic kitchen wall tiles for more ideas that’ll steal your heart.

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