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Barndominium Is A Retreat From The Cosmopolitan City

Acquiring land and constructing a home is time-consuming with lots of expertise and resource. Potential homeowners are seeking an alternative to fulfill their dream without the conventional burden of a mortgage. What is more overwhelming is to design the layout and build the desired house with aspiring features and amenities. Some innovative individuals have found the most feasible, economical option; owning a barndominium. Even if you love to live in a cosmopolitan, a tranquil ambiance in the lap of the county is rejuvenating. It may not be a traditional farmhouse for the retreat, but a contemporary barndominium is certainly on the cards. Though it is a transformed barn, construction is easy and affordable.

Its Affordable

The most distinguished benefit of owning barndominium houses is affordability. As the structural frames are made of metal, mostly steel, the overall cost is considerably lower than that of crafted out of wood. Additionally, you get a commendable resale value of a barndominium. The construction cost of a barndominium is typically \between $ 28 to $49 per square foot. The same for traditional homes range from $100 to $155 per square foot, according to Home Guide. The building cost varies according to the location, material, design, and interior and exterior finish.

Another overall cost-benefit of a barndominium is cost efficiency; it can be easily enhanced by proper insulation, windows, and shutting the path of heat exchange. As barndominium is made of metal, insulating is easy and economical. But metal retains more heat which could be favorable in winter seasons but not so in other times. The insulation property of metal is poor. It absorbs and retains heat in sunshine, making the space hot and damp. At dusk, the metal temperature plunge and cools the interior generating condensation.


Insulation stops the temperature fluctuation maintaining a stable one. You can keep the indoor temperature at an optimal level. It also prevents condensation problems, which over time can cause rust hence damaging the structure and foundation of the barndominium. Averting temperature changeability and condensation, it acts as a good sound barrier stopping outside noise. Commonly used insulation in a barndominium is; spray foam, loose-fill, vapor barrier, rigid board, and batts.

The insulation cost mainly depends on the size of the property and the type of insulation used. However, the average cost of insulation is around $1.25 to 1.75. For a 1,500-square-foot barndominium, the cost can range from $1,875 to $2,625. Spray foam and blow-in insulation give the best effect though the cost is on the higher side.

More space

Along with lower maintenance and construction cost, barndominium houses intrinsically comes with more space than traditional homes. This implies you have more space for fun and work, with all the modern facilities that you dreamed of at an affordable cost. The typical floor space of the barndominium is 1,200 sq. ft, 3,000 sq ft, and 4,200 sq ft. beside these standard sizes, you can customize the floor area according to your need. Instead of walls, portions are placed at specific points, so it is easy to décor without compromising privacy. Most materials used in the construction are eco-friendly, thus reducing carbon footing.