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Tips to Optimally Maintain and Upkeep Your Tiles

Tiles are everywhere in the market. You will find innumerable options to choose from and suit your décor. There are ceramics, copper, hand-painted or glass tiles ready to be picked. But what about their maintenance? People always want the best for their homes but seldom take good care of the things. This is an important step to ensure your tiles last longer and do not develop any cracks. 

Below are a few tips to help you keep your tiles forever new:

Use the appropriate cleansers

Tiles can be tough and delicate at the same time. They will be tough to clean if the dirt has been settling on them for long. And using harsh chemicals can do more damage than any good to them. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a damp sponge mop with mild cleansers that aren’t soapy. This solution works best if made in warm water. The cleanser should be neutral, not acidic or alkaline.

Consider using mats

Mats and rugs are additional support to keep up your titles. Using these will keep the dirt, dust, mud and grit away. The mucky grout lines are easily formed when we step on the tiles with the shoes that we wore outdoors. With rugs, you can ensure that maximum dirt will be kept outside and the tiles will be maintained as new. Also, do not forget to dust off your rugs regularly.

Seal the tiles

This is an important step that many homeowners forget. Sealing the tiles after installing them is necessary. This will ensure nothing gets penetrated in them. As most tiles are ceramic, you do not need to worry about liquids spilling on them and staining them. Apply sealants if the tiles are not glazed. This will make them oil and water-resistant.

Deep clean them once a month

Deep cleaning is an important step to keep the tiles healthy. You only require basic cleaning items to get the process done. You need cleansers, brushes and disinfectants for a thorough tile clean-up. Do not do this often as it might rip off the glaze from the surface. This cleaning process and maintenance will ensure the tiles do not lose out on their natural sheen.

Investing in Tuiles Cera Color tiles will bring out the best look of your space, and you will also get the best maintenance tips along with it.