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Different Garage Floor Options

If you are searching to update your garage, the initial place to begin may be the floor. Many householders result in the mistake of believing that there’s just one option with regards to garage flooring: concrete. Sure, this can be typically the most popular option, however this certainly does not mean it is the best.

While a concrete floor may be fine and functional initially, as time passes and fundamental use, it’ll inevitably become cracked, chipped along with a mess to both take a look at, and drive on… as well as all of the dirt and dust which will collect.

Sounds horrible, right? Well fortunately, we are here to provide a couple of options to your standard concrete floor that can help help make your garage much more comfortable, functional, and engaging!

  1. Tiles

Tile flooring is not only for the bathroom and kitchen any longer! Increasingly more homeowners are choosing interlocking PVC flooring as an easy and quick method to transform broken floors. The truly amazing factor about these is they may be easily installed without professional assistance and may turn a broken floor from drab to great with no major repairs. For your aesthetic needs, tiles can be found in a range of colours and textures to match a variety of designs and patterns.

You are able to obviously go for more classic ceramic and stone tiles like those that are popular for home interiors, but unless of course you are prepared to repair and replace chipped and cracked tiles each year than it may be better to steer obvious of those and go for a far more durable solution.

  1. Stained and Sealed Concrete

Yes, we might have recently belittled this method within our first paragraph, however with a properly applied stain and proper sealant, a concrete floor could be gorgeous inside your garage… as long as you are not really rough onto it. If you are constantly driving out and in, or employed in your garage, your superbly prepped floor will look as shabby because it did before you decide to began. However, in case your garage is much more of the show room or entertaining space then it is really an good way to give a a little drama and sophistication. Remember that for any proper effect, you will want to make certain all cracks and divots are filled which the whole floor is clean of the dust and dirt before staining.

  1. Rhino Floortex Coating

Finally, your own favourite is Rhino Floortex-a polyaspartic coating that may be used in only one day, and switch your “dusty and broken concrete floor right into a clean, durable, and engaging surface”. Other standard epoxy coatings can also be found, but none of them using the guarantees provided by Rhino Floortex. This coating is guaranteed to not flake or peel, and it is resistance against typical garage spills like grease and paint. Additionally, it has a non-slip texture (because accidents do happen!) and promises a dust-free and simple-to-clean surface.

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