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Here IS Why Curtain Alterations Are Needed

Locating ready-made curtains on your windows can sometimes be too difficult. They are either too short or long and sometimes they are excessively wide and fail to achieve the desired look. Curtain alterations are the only solution to this problem to match your curtains to the overall décor. However, choosing the proper firm to do curtain alterations can be as difficult as choosing the right curtains.

Only the company from which you have purchased the curtains can do curtain alterations for you and transform your ill-fitting curtains into the focal point of your décor. In this guide, we’re going to talk about different types of curtain alteration services.

Different Curtain Alterations Services 

Improperly fitted curtains are analogous to wearing a suit that is either too small or too big. Go for a company that uses the greatest tailoring techniques to do curtain alterations and make your window covering fit to the windows.

  • Length Adjustment

One of the most common types of curtain alterations is the length adjustment. Nowadays, most people want curtains 15 feet in length. Made-to-measure curtains come in standard lengths. If your window is too small or too big, you may need to make amendments to the length of the curtain to make them exactly fit your windows.

  • Fabric Alteration

Another basic curtain alteration is the amount of fabric. Some people prefer higher quality fabrics, while others will require curtains that are of lighter fabric. The curtain alteration may also include cutting the fabric to the desired size if it does not fit better. However, fabric cutting is one of the most expensive curtain alterations.

  • Curtain Joining Alteration

Made-to-measure curtains sometimes are not wide enough to cover your window. So, you may need to buy two same sets of curtains and have them joined professionally.

  • Customization

Curtain alterations can add new trim to your made-to-measure curtains, giving them a one-of-a-kind look that spruces up your décor.

  • Curtain Lining

Curtain alterations also include adding a lining to your curtains. This is when you want to enhance their insulation or light-blocking ability.

  • Header Modifications

Adding or replacing the header types is also included in curtain alterations. Depending on your preferences, you can ask your technician to transform your curtain header from pencil pleat to pinch pleat or from loop to wave header.

What To Consider The Most When Thinking Of Curtain Alterations

Light is one of the most important factors when considering curtain alterations. Nowadays, specially designed lights are attached to the curtain rods and can be operated via remote controls. This helps homeowners to create the desired environment without opening or closing the curtains. Adding these lights to your curtain rods is an increasingly popular curtain alteration nowadays. As the curtain market has grown, several types of curtain alterations can be performed. Technicians now do their best to do necessary curtain alterations to meet the customer’s desires.

So, if you want to make your curtains look perfectly fitted to the windows, ask your technicians to do any of the above curtain alterations. These services also change the backing style, the material’s pattern, and much more!